Job Posting - Shelter Manager - Jersey City, NJ

June 15, 2014

Shelter Manager (FT: Salary)


Responsible for managing and supervising the operation of the shelter and shelter staff. Oversees animal custodial and remedial care, admissions, assessments, placements and euthanasia. Ensures the safety, sanitation and upkeep of the facility and the implementation of all policies and procedures. Provides staff training, prepares operational reports and educates the public about responsible pet ownership and animal regulations and laws. Oversees animal control staffing and operations as necessary. May perform duties of an animal care worker.

Reports to the Executive Director. Hires and supervises animal care attendants, veterinary technicians, animal control officers and shelter office personnel.


• Responsible for the recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, promotion, discipline, and termination of shelter staff, providing regular, on-going feedback and timely evaluations. Prepares and posts monthly work schedule ensuring effective use of staff time. Addresses employee problems and grievances and ensures a safe and positive work environment.

• Makes daily inspection of shelter to ensure work is accomplished, animals are appropriately fed and cared for, facility is sanitary and all policies and procedures are properly implemented. Monitors safety compliance of staff and volunteers.

• Supervises and provides final approval for incoming animals, adoptions, fosters and transfers. Monitors each animal in shelter daily. Makes sure each animal is receiving the care and enrichment they need, creating individual plans for animals as necessary. Provides staff with direction for animal flow plans. Oversees management of the foster care list and inventory. Ensures that all animal records are updated daily.

• Maintains numerous files, records and statistics that include but are not limited to: animal population, adoption, euthanasia, spay and neuter, animal control, incident and personnel data. Maintains controlled substance records as required by law and renews license yearly. Provides direction for operation of shelter’s computer system and software programs.

• Ensures that the public receives accurate information and excellent customer service. Takes control of tense situations with distraught or angry customers or volunteers. Prepares budget, projection figures, program estimates and payroll information. Monitors revenue and expenses in relation to annual budget and regularly reviews and modifies procedures to maintain an efficient yet effective service. Oversees billings and proper handling of all monies.

• Works with vet techs to monitor the general health of shelter animals and insure timely medical care in accordance with current medical protocols. Makes final decision regarding adoption, treatment, transfer, and euthanasia. Supervises euthanasia to insure proper techniques are used. Relates staff concerns to veterinarian regarding specific animals and insures compliance with veterinary instructions and dispensing of medication as prescribed. Coordinates and helps conduct behavior assessments. Works with Behavior Team to determine behavior modification needs. Ensures staff conducts and documents behavior modification work as directed. Provides information to the disposition committee regarding animal behavioral needs and recommendations for final disposition of animals. Ensures that humane euthanasia is carried out following proper procedures when necessary.

• Performs the duties of an animal care worker as needed. Works collaboratively with workers to achieve shelter goals.

• Conducts and participates in regular meetings with staff to review procedures, discuss workplace issues, provide direction and share ideas to improve animal care. Continuously institutes staff training, continuing education seminars and development programs to ensure staff is aware of existing, new and revised policies, procedures, rules and regulations as well as current animal care, control and welfare information. Maintains quality performance of all shelter staff.

• Meets with executive director to develop long-range programs and regularly review policies and procedures. Regularly compiles and presents reports to the executive director on facility operations and activities.

• Oversees all inventories and ordering of shelter supplies and equipment and assures that appropriate quantities of all supplies are on hand at all times. Regularly inspects shelter property (buildings, grounds, machinery, vehicles, equipment) for needed repairs and maintenance and secures contractors as necessary to maintain buildings and grounds.

• Develops and maintains cooperative work relationships with other community agencies and organizations. Attends meetings and fulfills speaking engagements as needed.

• Other duties as requested


Prior experience as an animal shelter supervisor or manager. Superior attention to detail and knowledge of NJ sheltering and animal control laws and regulations. Strong knowledge of animal health and well being to include nutrition needs, resources for information, knowledge of common animal diseases and treatments, skill in animal first aid and CPR, skill in performing euthanasia. Ability to identify animal species, breed, age and gender.
Ability to identify signs of animal illnesses and injuries. Demonstrated supervisory knowledge to include knowledge of principles and techniques of supervision, motivation techniques, and basic training methods. Knowledge of relevant labor issues. Knowledge of decision-making techniques, skill in mediating dispute, conflicts and grievances.
Demonstrated program management knowledge to include basic statistical methods, fiscal and budgeting practices and procedures, knowledge of local, state and federal regulations for the workplace, knowledge of federal and state wage and hour regulations.
Demonstrated personal communication ability to include effective phone skills, effective interviewing techniques, public speaking and ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally.

HOURS FLSA STATUS: EXEMPT POSITION Full-time salaried position will require an individual to be present and engaged a minimum of 8am-6pm, 5 days per week. Schedule may vary depending on the needs of the department. Position will require weekend, night, on-call and holiday work.

INTRODUCTORY PERIOD The introductory period runs from the date of hire for three months thereafter. For employment in any position with Liberty Humane Society, this introductory period is the period during which the specifics of the job are learned. During this period, either the employee or the Liberty Humane Society may end the employment relationship without notice or prejudice.

EMPLOYMENT There is no minimum period of employment guaranteed or implied by acceptance of an employment offer.

TO APPLY: Email cover letter referencing your specific interest in this position at LHS to Also include your resume and contact information for three professional references

Job Opportunity - Animal Control Officer - Montclair

April 23, 2014

Post Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014

Job Title: Animal Control Officer

Description: The Township of Montclair is seeking a self-motivated individual to fill the position of Full-Time Animal Control Officer for the handling, capturing, and when necessary, the humane destroying of wild and strayed domesticated animals and birds; for the compassionate care and well-being of all impounded animals; and for the cleaning and maintenance of the impounding facility; does related work as required.

Requirements: A current and valid certificate as an Animal Control Officer issued by the New Jersey Department of Health, and a current New Jersey driver’s license.

Salary/Hours: $33,094 - $39,558. Full time position, 35 hours per week. Weekend hours may be required.

Apply: Township of Montclair, Human Resources Department, 205 Claremont Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042 (Open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Fax 973-233-1720, email:

Closing Date: Friday, April 25, 2014

St. Hubert’s Job Opportunity -Dir. of Animal Welfare Operations

March 2, 2014

St. Hubert’s seeks a dynamic professional for the post of Director of Animal Welfare Operations. This role has been diligently and lovingly filled by someone moving on to raise a family. This position is responsible for: Broad direction of the department to fulfill mission and provide for the welfare of the animals in care and target programs to at risk animals in communities;  Researching and establishing protocols to ensure best practices in shelter operations and implementing consistent operating procedures across three shelter facilities; Acts as relationship lead on partnerships with other shelters and organizations for animal relocation, collaborative efforts, adoption programs and emergency deployments; Developing annual plans, SOPs, monthly reports and analyses and prepares and oversees annual department budget.  St. Hubert’s offers generous benefits and supports continuing education and professional development. EOE. Please see full job description and qualification requirements