Join us in Support of Hunting Free Sunday

November 5, 2008

Three Bills Jeopardize New Jersey’s Sunday hunting prohibition.  Assembly and senate bills S802 and A1669 lift the hunting prohibition for bow and arrow hunting only while Senate bill S2335 allows for both bow and firearm hunting on Sundays.

The AWFNJ has joined a coalition of other animal welfare and advocacy groups in seeking to preserve Sundays as a day for families to enjoy outdoors.  While the AWFNJ does not oppose hunting, hunters represent a small percent of the state’s population and they are already able to hunt six days a week for much of the year.  Living in The Garden State comes with the benefit of enjoying the outdoors; hiking, biking, bird watching on public lands as well as enjoying ones own property.

Please speak up and urge your legislators to oppose S802, A1669 and S2335!  Click here to find your legislator and let them know Sundays must remain hunting free.