Avoiding Dog Park Drama with Sue Sternberg-Jan. 18, Madison, NJ

January 9, 2013

Every dog owner wants their best friend to play well with others.  The sight of a dog frolicking happily in the dog-park, playfully practicing doggie social skills makes a dog lover smile.  But we all know things can change in a moment without warning.  But… what if there WAS a warning and you missed it?

This workshop is designed to help you identify safe situations and learn how to get your dog out of jam before the fur flies.  Come hear Sue Sternberg and get the tools to navigate dog park experiences with safety and confidence.

Date: January, 18, 2013
Location: St. Hubert’s, 575 Woodland Ave, Madison, NJ
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: $55.00
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